LEAVE ALONE by Alys Metcalf
Folio in collaboration with Arts University Bournemouth

Is it a bit...weird? I think it’s nice and all that, but is it a bit...?


Eight months after a life-changing event, a group of close uni friends gather to throw an epic birthday party. So what if it’s on Zoom...and the birthday boy is missing?

LEAVE ALONE follows a spirited friendship group of twenty-somethings over the course of an intoxicated evening, as they attempt to reconcile an event from their past. But as the booze is downed and secrets start to spill, starting afresh isn’t as simple as it seems...

A Folio Theatre production for Arts University Bournemouth. This is the Wolrld Premiere of a new play for Zoom, written by Alys Metcalf and directed by Joseph Hancock

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Playwright: Alys Metcalf

Director: Joseph Hancock

 Assistant Director: Valerie Isaiah Sadoh

Streaming Technician: Sam Osborne