Folio Theatre Company

in association with Pound Arts

Stephen knows there’s no such thing as ghosts. It’s his job to know that. He’s a professional sceptic, making a living debunking the myth.


 But when he arrives to give a talk on “The Reality Behind The Paranormal” at his local village hall, someone or something has come with him.


A terrifying, fascinating and darkly funny look at how and why we believe in the supernatural, Believe looks at the history of ghosts from the Fox Sisters to the present day, using magic and mind reading to present an ultimately tragic story of love and loss


Playwright: Russ Tunney

Director: Lizzie Stables

Production Designer: TBC

Sound Designer: Liam McDermott

VFX: Gillian Tan

Associate Producer: Chris Hopkins


Cast: Michael Magnet


Saturday 16th Decemeber - Hullavington Village Hall

Sunday 17th December - Pound Arts

Further Dates TBA