Folio and Wiltshire Creative
Directed by Jo Newman


Folio Theatre and Wiltshire Creative present World Wide Wiltshire, three short films harnessing the creative power of the region to showcase the finest work inspired by the county.


Our collaborators represent a variety of artistic disciplines, periods of history, and lived experiences. What they have in common is a love for storytelling and our home, the beautiful county of Wiltshire. 



Folio with Arts University Bournemouth
LEAVE ALONE by Alys Metcalf

#GRIMMTALES adapted by Hannah Treadaway


LEAVE ALONE follows a spirited friendship group of twenty-somethings over the course of an intoxicated evening, as they attempt to reconcile an event from their past. But as the booze is downed and secrets start to spill, starting afresh isn’t as simple as it seems... 

The World Premiere of a new play for Zoom by Alys Metcalf.

#GrimmTales is a new adaptation of the classic stories by the Brothers Grimm, written especially for the AUB student cast. Director Sepy Baghaei’s production breathes new life into these classic stories in a digital, contemporary setting. This is a highly sensory production, embracing the different ways we communicate in the digital age, celebrating the magic of storytelling with a good dose of dark humour thrown in.


Stephen knows there’s no such thing as ghosts.

It’s his job to know that. He’s a professional sceptic, making a living debunking the myth.But when he arrives to give a talk on “The Reality Behind The Paranormal” at his local village hall, someone or something has come with him.


A terrifying, fascinating and darkly funny look at how and why we believe in the supernatural, Believe looks at the history of ghosts from the Fox Sisters to the present day, using magic and

mind-reading, to present
an ultimately tragic story of love and loss.

Folio in association with Pound Arts

by Russ Tunney


Folio in association with Wiltshire Creative 

Reel Life

Bristol Old Vic in association with Folio

by Jack Sanderson-Thwaite

Our Blood Is An Ocean


Today John is attempting an exorcism.


He’s hired the Studio at Bristol Old Vic and needs your help. John’s been haunted by the Incan priest Rascar Capac ever since he first saw him in the Tintin books – it’s time to put a stop to it, but there’s so much that could go wrong. 


A show about fear and intrusive thoughts. One man, a microphone, and a room full of ghosts.

Our Blood Is An Ocean was selected as one of Bristol Old Vic’s ‘Open Session’ plays in 2017

The Edit

by Sarah Gordon

If you could re-write your past, would you?


Nick loved Elena. Elena loved Nick. Their relationship was a disaster.


The Edit unfolds in real time, a year after they broke up, as they desperately try to unpick where things went wrong, and whether they could - or should - take another chance on each other.


Set in the turbulent world of modern romance, The Edit is a gripping new play about forgiveness, love and self-preservation  - and about discovering who we really are…all over again.


On their 18th birthday, twins Ben and Eliza bury a time capsule in the Somerset countryside to mark the occasion and cement their bond, but the day goes horribly wrong.


Some years later, the two siblings, now estranged and living far apart, are forced back together on a quest to honour the unusual wishes in their late father's will.


They find themselves thrown into absurd and ludicrous situations and forced to confront a few home truths, on an enlightening mission that will reignite past memories and dig up some well-buried secrets...



Folio in association with The Brewhouse Theatre & Carers Trust

by Alys Metcalf

One location.


Three strangers at a turning point…


And a fishing rod.


Set at a secluded bank of the River Avon, REEL LIFE explores the delicate line between fact and fiction - and what happens to the course of our lives when that line is crossed.


Developed by Folio in association with St James Theatre London, Trowbridge Arts and partner charity CoppaFeel.

Folio in association with The St James Theatre & Trowbridge Arts

by Alys Metcalf