"Folio Theatre is a young, very professional company, with excellent credentials, that seems to have achieved an awful lot in a relatively short time. There is much to admire and great potential here" 

Stage Talk Magazine​ on Unearthed - 4 stars (read full review)

This is how small-scale theatre should be done"

Gay Times on Unearthed - 4 stars (read full review)

"A sparkling debut play, firmly set on the hills and in the farms of Somerset, and beautifully performed by the youthful cast"

Fine Times Recorder on Unearthed (read full review)

"Small-scale theatre at its best"

West End Wilma on Unearthed - 4 Stars (read full review)

"Folio Theatre Company's debut production Unearthed arrives on west country soil trailing professionalism, style and heart. Alys Metcalf's first full length play is an odds on winner – complex, compassionate, warm, witty and poignant"

Remote Goat - 5 Stars (read full review)

Reel Life incorporates subjects of love, loss and loneliness...packing an emotional punch"

Everything Theatre - 4 Stars (read full review)

"A sweet and charmingly fantastic production"

Theatre Bubble on Unearthed - 4 Stars (read full review)

"Reel Life is the perfect example of why theatre goers need to get out and see and support new writing"

Musical Theatre Musings - 4 Stars (read full review)

"A must-see. Unearthed is a masterpiece"

"While there’s much dramatic tension to savour, Unearthed is not short of moments of levity, as the maxim of ‘if you can’t laugh, you have to cry’ holds true"

Female Arts - 4 Stars (read full review)

"I’m excited to see what Folio theatre company bring next – they have set the bar very high"

'I thought that this play was incredible... Watching a show with such a powerful message lifted perfectly by four creatively trained actors is a real breath of fresh air"

​Creative Reviews UK (read full review)